Monday, November 29, 2010

So....the 2ww

is sooooooo hard!!!  The dreaded 2 week wait...well I'm on day 9, so by day 12 I'll get my beta (blood pregnancy test) and we'll know whether or not I'm pregnant!!! 
I had my first dream last night that I was pregnant with twins!  It was incredibly vivid, we were at the doctor's office looking at the ultrasound picture of them.  Gosh I hope that becomes reality!!  I would love that!  I am just hoping I'm pregnant, one or two is fine with me!  I just hope I'm pregnant!  We'll see soon enough! 
I have to admit that I've been taking HPT (home pregnancy tests) all that have which turned out to be negative so far.  I know, I's too early to be testing.  I know I should have never started with the HPT's but I couldn't help it, this 2ww is killing me!!  Well, I guess we're at the end of the 2ww now, so it won't be but a few more days till we find out!!  Gosh, I'm so excited and nervous!!!  Say a little pray for us!!  :)


  1. The 2ww is dreadful! Hoping for a BFP for you!

  2. O man...Ive definitely been praying for you. Its funny how Im so excited with you and dont even know you. I feel like Im waiting for something too lol. Twin exciting...I love pregnant dreams. Well Pregnant Dreams to ya, and I hope they all come true for ya. :) Your almost there...I will PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! O my mom is on the prayer chain at church and I had her pray for ya too. I didnt know if you ever told us your name on your videos or on here so I for some reason keep calling you Kelly, dont know if thats right, but I told God if thats not your name that He knows who me and my mom are praying for lol. Thought you would get a kick out of that. Well have a good night and THINK ON GOOD THINGS!

  3. Thinking of you guys! Right before my beta I dreamt I had twins. Just sayin', could be spot on!

  4. Vicki, that's HILARIOUS!!! And awesome! Thank you! Kelly IS a great name, I could be a Kelly! But it's Erin. :) THANK YOU for your awesome awesome support!!!!! I can't wait for your journey to begin!!! Soooooon!!!!!

    A, love you hunny!!! That is AMAZING that you had the dream about twins and now you're gonna have twins!!! I love it!!!! Gosh I hope that's spot on for me too!! :) eek!!!! Sooo excited!!!!

  5. ok Im sure my mom will laugh when I tell her to stop praying for Kelly and start praying for Erin. lol I cant wait either...I feel like its going by so slow. Thank God I have youtube and your blog and other blogs and stuff Im reading to help pass the time. lol have a good night.