Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The night before egg retrieval

I'm nervous!  I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm excited, I'm nervous....this is how I'm feeling...up and down with emotion and anticipation, although I'm trying my best to relax.  I can't eat or drink anything past midnight tonight, and no injections today, which has been awesome!  I just can't believe its already here.  We have been waiting a long time, invested a lot of money, have so many hopes for this to work, and it is here, finally!  It has happened so fast to where I can't believe tomorrow morning I will be doing the egg retrieval!  I have done all I can do to get my little follies ready for retrieval and the rest from tomorrow morning on is just up to God (well it has been the whole time anyhow) but it up to my Lord and Savior from here and whether this works or not, there isn't much else I can do, maybe eat some pineapple and get a prenatal massage after the transfer, and stay relaxed for a few days, but other than that, totally in the hands of the Lord.  We will see His plan revealed shortly, and I'm very excited, nervous, excited, nervous, excited...see there I go again.  lol.  I do have comfort in knowing that God has it all under control, whether it works or not I feel somewhat at ease because I KNOW He has a plan for us to have more babies, whether it is now or not, we will soon find out!  Wish me luck, say a prayer, and sprinkle lots of happy baby dust my way!  ;)  Thanks for your prayers, support, and encouragement!   

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