Thursday, November 25, 2010

PIO Injection Video


This is the video of me getting the dreaded intramuscular injection with the huge needle I've been dreading for weeks.  This injection is progesterone in oil (PIO) it's basically essential for the embryos to survive and provide the best possible environment for them to snuggle down in my uterus.  This video isn't of my first injection, but I'm still getting use to these injections, and they are painful.  There is no easy way to do these.  The actual injection isn't too bad, about as bad as menopur, where it stings a little, but not bad.  The needle really isn't too bad either (if you do the ice pack).  
When I said "mix" the injection, I meant pull out the medicine from the bottle, there isn't any mixing you need to do with the PIO.  
Also, the ice pack I was talking about is really helpful and works really well for numbing the pain for the needle to go in, it helps tremendously!!  Also, the gauze pad was for some of the oil that seeps out at the end when you pull the needle out of your butt (even after you leave it in for a few seconds after injecting, it still seeps out a little) and of course the band-aid because you do bleed a little afterward.  At the end of the ordeal, you want to massage the area for 1-2 min. this helps not get the "golf ball butt" that some people describe as happening (which is super painful) where the medicine pockets up afterward in your fun!  So a little massage (even if it hurts some) will help so much with dispersing the medicine in your rear.  Believe me, it will help in the long run.  Then after the massaging, sit on a heating pad for a little bit, it helps too.  Overall, take the pre-cautionary measures to help relieve as much pain as possible and you can do this!  You will have a sore lovely lady hump but you'll be does get easier and easier.  *Hopefully* (if I'm preggo) I'll be havin' another 63 injections of this!  lol

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