Monday, November 15, 2010

Retrieval is scheduled!!!

For.....THURSDAY!!!  YAY!!!!!  I cannot believe this is really happening!  It's finally really here!  THIS week!!  ahhh!!!!  People told me that your IVF cycle will fly by, and boy are they right!  It has really flown by!  I am soooo excited, so nervous, so...hopeful!  I'm filled with so much anticipation, emotions, excitement.  
I'm just so happy that we've made it to this point of doing the retrieval, for a while there I was so afraid they'd cancel my cycle.  See, I only have one ovary, my estradiol levels have been and are LOW, as of last Friday it was at 277, and today it was at 627...its getting better, but it SHOULD be well into the 1,000's by now, so yeah...I'm a late bloomer so to speak and we're not sure why the heck my levels are so low, but they are, and my RE doesn't seem to be too concerned because my follicles looked nice and mature, and 4-5 for one ovary he said isn't bad.  Soo....we'll see! 
They scheduled my egg retrieval for Thursday at 7:45am.  I have to be there at 6:45am.  My hubby will be there of course, which I'm thankful for because he hasn't been to any of the appointments (bloodwork and ultrasounds) with me due to work being so busy, not that there was much to see at the appointments, but its still nice to have him there, so I'm so glad he'll be there for support and well...ya know...the essential part of this whole process...his sperm.  haha!  Hey I warned you I would tell it like it is, lol.  Oh just wait, I'll have so much more "telling it like it is" once I go through the egg retrieval and transfer...I'll probably say vagina...a lot.  So just be prepared...vagina vagina vagina. 
Speaking of vagina...I don't know how you can be married to a man who does this kind of work ALL DAY long...props to those women!  Seriously! 
Anyway, so I am finally FINALLY (now that we're almost through with the process) liking my RE's office.  I think they have some sort of guard up with most patients where they just do what they do everyday and it doesn't phase them anymore, all the stories are the same, blah blah and that's sad to see, but it happens.  I think that's what I was witnessing from the beginning, but now that I've been in there so many times I'm starting to develop relationships with the staff and feel they really want this to work for me.  Like when I came in on Friday when I didn't know if my cycle would be canceled and as Dr. G was doing the ultrasound I just started crying, its just so emotional the whole process, and one of the nurses came over to me, wiped my tears, rubbed my arm and held my hand.  It's times like this that I know they feel our pain and don't see us as just a name on a chart.  Those moments help make this whole thing easier.  I have friends who have had moments like that from the beginning with their RE and staff, and I hope it is usually that way, but for me...its taken a loooong time to get to this point with my RE and his staff.  Moral of the story, as I said before love your RE and his staff, you'll know right away in your gut if that's the right doc for you.  Even if you stick with your RE office because you felt you didn't have many other choices (like me) don't give up hope with them, they'll come around, they really do want you to have a successful cycle of IVF and fullfill your dreams of being a mom or dad, it just may take them a while. 
With all my random retrieval is scheduled for Thursday!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) 

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