Thursday, November 18, 2010

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval was this morning right on time at 7:45am!  We arrived at the office at 6:45am and the nurse got us started right away.  She explained all of our paperwork we were signing, went over our embryo forms which Roger and I discussed and agreed upon weeks ago just to make sure we were still in agreement with that, its a big deal, those are your babies!  She also went over how to do the PIO's (progesterone in oil) injection I have to do starting tomorrow and continue for the next 10 weeks if I'm pregnant.  More to explain later on that.
After that, I went to the bathroom a final time (you have to have a completely empty bladder) then got dressed in my surgery gear; awesome butt-showing robe, booties on your feet, and cool hair net!  They did have nice comfy blankets though, surprisingly!  They even warmed them for me!  A few minutes after getting ready and cozy in my warmed blankets, the anesthesiologist came in and put in the IV, that hurt the worst of anything that day, but still wasn't even that bad!  He did a good job and within a couple minutes it was over!  They put it in the crook of my arm which was nice because it hurt less there and he said the anesthesia going in wouldn't burn there!  bonus!
After that, the RE came in and talked to us and made sure he answered any questions we had.  Soon after, they walked me into the OR.  They got me situated on the surgery bed and put my legs in the assumed position, lol, then the anesthesiologist told me he gave me 2 good margaritas!  Sure did!  I started to feel gooooooood and loopy!  Then the RE came in, and things got rollin!  A few seconds later he told me I was gonna take a nice nap and then...I was out!
It took about 25 minutes or so and I was done!  The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room to my hubby and nurse telling me they got 3 eggs.  I remember saying, 3, only 3?  I started crying pretty bad.  They just comforted me and told me to just let it out.  Then after a few minutes of a good cry, the nurse and doc told me 3 is good!  especially for my one ovary, and sometimes they get one or none with one ovary, so 3 is good!  That helped, and I snapped out of it, I realized that this is what God wanted us to get obviously, and He has a plan with those 3 eggs!  I started to feel better.
A few minutes later, they had my hubby go do his deed!  lol.  Afterward, they immediately mixed the sperm with my eggs (whether they had to do an ICSI-where they inject the egg with the sperm, or not I won't know until tomorrow) I'm hoping not, but with my 3 little eggs, I'm not sure they will take any chances, so they might even though we don't have a motility issue.  We'll see what happens.
So today, we created life, with God's help!  This is such an incredible feeling!  We'll find out tomorrow how many actually fertilized and made it to embryos.  My guess is that not all 3 did.  Statistically anyway that's what they say.  We'll find out soon enough.  I'm just praying for our little embies and the life that God will hopefully make.  :)
So after about an hour in recovery, I am awake, feeling good, walking around, and ready to be discharged.  They had me go to the bathroom, get dressed and we were on our way!  Overall, this was way better than I expected, very less painful that I thought it would be.  Sorta easy breezy.   
They told me that the transfer (where they actually put the embryos in me) will most likely be Saturday!  wow!  Ok, well, that's soon!!  I'll keep you updated!
Thanks for reading!!

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