Saturday, November 20, 2010

Embryo Transfer was today!

And here they are!!  Our little embryos, the life we created!!  Our embryo-babies!!
It is surreal knowing that these tiny little embryos make a baby!  These are potentially Aiden's little brothers or sisters!  Wow!  The two embryos on the right are the two they transferred into my uterus today, the embryo on the left is the embryo that we are going to hopefully have frozen, if it makes it to a blastocyst (day 6 of fertilization) the embryologist will call us on my birthday, next wed., to let us know if our little remaining embryo made it to the bastocyst stage, if so, we will have it frozen to use in the future!  The embryologist told us that our embryos look amazing, and they have been developing great!  Just by looking at a picture, it is amazing how quickly you bond to your embryos, especially to see my hubby bond so quickly to them too!  What a cute daddy he is!
The transfer itself was quick!!  It took more time getting us prepped (getting my gown and his scrubs on) than it did the actual transfer!  The mock transfer they did before I started meds was more painful that the transfer!  I didn't even have a Valium like I've heard some women get before the transfer. I mean I can't say the Valium would have hurt, it might have been nice, but it really wasn't necessary.  My poor vagina has been through stuff like this before!  The "duckbill" that my RE used to open me up (and it was wide!) hurt the worst of anything, but still wasn't unbearable.  It was over seriously within 5 min.  I was kind of at a decline as they were doing the transfer so I couldn't see the ultrasound screen real well, but I did see the catheter they put in my uterus and then a flush of fluid go in that had the embryos in them, they were so small I couldn't really see them.  I've heard they look like glowing dots, but again, I couldn't really see them.  I was just praying anyhow and holding my hubby's hand, trying to envision getting pregnant.  God was there, I felt calm, relaxed.
Immediately after the transfer I scooted onto the bed that they wheeled me back to my room in, and I stayed there for 40 min. at a decline.  I was so nervous to get up and walk around afterward, I kept asking, "Are you sure they're not going to fall out?"  lol.  The doc assured me they won't fall out!!  The hardest part about the entire transfer was that you have to go in with a full bladder, so having to pee so bad that your eyeballs are practically floating and having someone press on your belly, be in your vagina, etc. does not feel good at all!!!  But, you get through it, and it doesn't last long.  You just keep the bigger picture in mind.  :)  
Now these embryos are "home" where they should have been all along, and I just pray my uterus nurtures and protects these little babies, and they get nice and cozy in there and snuggle right in!  Our hope and faith in Jesus Christ is getting us through all the emotions, and fears that we have in this whole process.  I know that no matter what happens, I have been blessed with a beautiful little boy, and a wonderful, amazing sweet sweet husband, and that God has a plan for us to expand our family.  I have no worry, no fear, and am just going to be joyful right now that I get to have this feeling of having life inside of me once more, even if it doesn't last very long.  I pray that it does, but our God has a plan, and it is His plan that I will rejoice and be glad in!  Please keep us in your prayers!  Thanks for all your love and support!!


  1. I know you dont know me, but I am Vikki Monroe from Saginaw, MI. Just know that I will definitely be lifting you up in prayer! I know alot of people say they will be praying but you can definitely count on me...When 2 or more are gathered in His Name...and I will be praying! Your story has touched my heart. I hope when we do IVF in January, I will be able to be as strong as you have been. Thankyou for sharing your story...its a great one :)

  2. Vikki! THANK YOU so much for your sweet comments! I need and appreciate the prayers and good vibes so much!!! You will be strong through your IVF cycle, you have Jesus girlfriend!! ;) I'm so glad you commented, read it, and enjoy it! You're just the reason I did it!! You must keep me updated on your cycle! I'm so excited for YOU!!!