Friday, November 19, 2010

Embryo update and PIO injection

So we got a call today from our embryologist letting us know what's going on with our embryos, how many fertilized, when our transfer will be, etc.  So out of the the 3 eggs they got, our RE said that he didn't expect all of them to fertilize.  We were hoping at least one or two would fertilize, and we weren't sure if they would have to do an ICSI or not. 
Well as it turns out, ALL 3 eggs fertilized!  Wow!!  They also didn't need to do an ICSI, they all naturally fertilized beautifully!  Yay!!  So they scheduled my transfer for tomorrow morning at 8:15am.  I will be there at 7:30am for the prep.  Once the transfer begins, it will only take about 5-10 minutes!  I am getting pregnant tomorrow ya'll!!!  I can't wait to see the pictures of our little embyros, our emby-babies!!  I can't believe this is happening, we are so so excited!  I'll keep you updated!!

Also, tonight, (well in about 30 min.)...just as you thought the injections are coming to an end, ha! I have another injection (and only injection) to take for the next 10 weeks (if I'm pregnant), and that is my PIO injection, (progesterone in oil) intramuscular injection.  I am NOT looking forward to this one, well I never "look forward" to any injection, but this is the worst of the worst.  I'm dreading it.  I'm prepared, I know what to do, my hubby is prepared, he is ready, and way to eager to inject me with this massive needle!  haha!  g.r.e.a.t...
For those of you wondering what the heck a PIO is for, it is an injection that you take that increases your progesterone (something your body naturally makes) but by the injection of it it makes a better and thicker lining in your uterus for those fragile, and developing embryos.  My nurse described it as getting a cozy king size bed ready for the embryos to get comfortable and nessle down in!  haha!  She's so funny!  But its true, the progesterone is vital for these embryos to survive, so if its a big intramuscular needle then that is just what I will have to do!  Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

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